After Turing off, the operation status, wind outlet volume, wind directions selection and some other controlling factors will be automatically stored in the memories. When the operation is resumed, you just have to push on/off button to make the air conditioner operate in the same status as the previous operation.

The initiation and process of defrosting is controlled by micro processor to ensures effective heating conditions

Corrugate high efficient filter screen
This super filter screen is easy to remove for cleaning, highly effective in mold prevention and anti – bacteria, the healthy environment in this room.

Sleep mode automatic control
Once the sleep mode is selected, the temperature is automatically adjusted and controlled. During refrigeration process, the preset temperature will rise by 1 degree C for two hours of continuous running. During heating process the preset temperature will drop by 3 degrees C for 3 hours of continuous running .by so doing, the room temperature is always kept at a comfortable


Pleasing wind outlet
The wind is distributed by was of double wind plates to make the wind speed more evenly distributed and wind outlet more freely so as to delivers the to every corner in the room.

Independent de – humidifying
In monsoon season or in humid whether, this function will swiftly reduce the water contents in the room.