Deliberative design, high efficient refrigeration
World – famous brand name compressors are equipped .along with hydrophilic aluminum fins and imported internal whorl copper piper ,which are integrated in a scientific system to ensure true high efficiency and energy saving.

Fast refrigeration and heating
Multi-section bending evaporation is adopted to enable increased head-exchange space of the evaporator reduced size and thickness of the indoor units, more evenly distributed heat exchange of evaporator. Lower noise and better of energy saving.

Auxiliary electric heating system (optional)
It greatly increases heating volume avoids insufficient heating of -pump type air conditioners especially in winter. Depending on various models, the heating volume can be raised by 600-2500w.

On/off by timers
The timing of turning on or off the units can be preset within 12 hours in advance

Emergence operation function
When the remote controller is faulty or the battery is exhausted, this function can make you operate the units ease